ELEVATED SOUND Presented by Grassroots Medicine and Wellness

Limited to first 30 participants!!

Imagine immersing yourself in an acoustic synergy that resonates the mind towards a state of equilibrium. ELEVATED SOUND will transport participants to a meditative mental state created by beautiful Crystal Singing Bowls during a special event performed by sound healing expert, Christina Pearce. This is what is to become one of the most unique sound healing experiences in Miami.

Sound healing has beneficial effects on human psychology. One of the most effective ways to treat anxiety and similar disorders, sound healing is a holistic system rooted in ancient tradition. ELEVATE SOUND will pair this tradition with hemp infused products. This event promises to be a deeper and more transformative experience.

Grassroots Medicine and Wellness will feature its hemp infused products. Participants will receive one sample of hemp infused sublingual oil. The event is limited to 30 participants. It will take place at Grassroots Medicine and Wellness. Tea will be served and post event socializing will be encouraged.

This workshop combines hemp infused sublingual oil and Sonic medicine into one heightened experience. We ask guests to arrive promptly at 6:00pm to receive their dose of hemp infused sublingual oil and settle into their space. The workshop will begin with a brief presentation on the benefits of hemp infused products by Dr. Herve Damas after which the group will be led into a meditation and sound bath with Christina Pearce beginning promptly at 6:30pm.

Yoga mats will be provided. However, we ask everyone to bring items for personal comfort: small blanket and pillow, etc. The entire session will last one hour and fifteen minutes. Tea will be served at the end of the workshop, with time provided for people to hang out and share.

SOURCE: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/elevated-sound-presented-by-grassroots-medicine-and-wellness-tickets-48138834550

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