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Is there a connection between the mind and the body?

There is a strong alliance between your mind and body, thus what you feel is affected by your thoughts, and vice-versa.  For instance, imagine how your body responds to stress. When you worry consistently over finances, jobs and related issues, you will feel headaches, tense muscles, pain, and even stomach problems and high blood pressure.

Conversely, when there is a pain or a health issue that has stuck with you for a long time, it will most likely affect your emotions.  Then, you may suffer from such conditions as stress, anxiety, and depressions and this will only adversely affect how you manage your already existing medical conditions. However, if you have a sound mind, that resonates life’s positive outlook, then you might be able to manage your health better and stand better chances of relieving stress and pain and living healthier, compared to someone with less hope.

Your health about your thoughts and feelings

Naturally, our brain has been created to be a source of some substances, which has different effects on our health.  For instance, endorphins – secreted by the brain – can be very useful in killing pains, while globulin – another brain secretion – assists in strengthening the immune system.  However, research has shown that what you think, feel or expect is not unconnected with your brain’s secretions. If you have a positive attitude or thought about your sickness, there are higher chances that your brain will secrete chemicals to aid your healing.  Conversely, when you fill your mind with negative thoughts and emotions, it is most likely that your brain will not produce the chemicals required for quick healing. With this said, it does not entirely mean that you should keep beating yourself up for being unwell or suffering from a certain condition.  Some of these conditions are not in your control, but your state of mind and thoughts are always within your control, and which you can use to your advantage.

How stress affects you

Your health and wellbeing are considerably dependent on how you handle stress.  In such situations as anxiety or stress, the corresponding reaction from your body is such that seems like you are under attack.  Your heart rate, breathing, and blood pressure increase due to the secretion of hormones by your body, likewise you feel your muscles tense.  This is a physical reaction referred to as a flight-or-flight response. This response is especially useful in avoiding an accident or similar dangers.  However, if stress persists for long, your body’s natural response to fight-or-flight also prolongs and this may keep your blood pressure really high – a development that is detrimental to your health.

Also, if you are stressed, your emotions are adversely affected, you tend to feel tense, depressed, upset or just moody.  However, on proper relaxation, the hormones causing these feelings will no longer be secreted by your body, and mental and physical calm feelings replace the earlier feelings of stress.

The whole idea of a connection existing between the mind and body concerning the overall wellness of an individual arises from the belief that the physical you is not separate from your spiritual, emotional and mental self.  There is a deep connection across all levels, even though you might not know about it.

Though the idea that physical pain can lead to disturbances in emotion is more plausible, emotional disturbances will also most likely affect your physical state.  The thought that the entire concept of “self” is a combination of what we feel, think or our physical experiences and encounters. Hence, do not be surprised when you notice any physical illness or pain that comes with a certain tough time in your life.  Instead, take a while to reflect extensively, and you will discover those trying times are not worth losing your wellbeing and health over.