Joseph Pilates invented Pilates during the First World War, in the early 20th century.  He aimed to use the physical fitness system to enhance the rehabilitation program for war causalities. By strengthening, stretching, and stabilizing key muscles, Joseph believed injured soldiers could regain their health quicker.  During his time, he predicted that his innovation would be widely used, and his prediction became a reality. Instead of repeated movements, Pilates incorporate fewer and more precise movements, which means there is the need for enhanced techniques and controls.  Another of Joe’s beliefs is that physical and mental health are working together, and getting the combination right is a method of total body conditioning. The basic idea behind Pilates is to create a body working correctly, from the inside out. And it achieves this by teaching the mastery of the use of correct alignment, centering, concentration, control, precision, breathing, as well as the flowing movements.

In a Pilates’ class, you will learn how to build your strength, become more flexible, and a lean muscle tone.  More attention is also devoted to spin alignment and body lengthening, instead of just shortening and bulking the muscles.  With a firm focus on the body’s core – the area right between your shoulders and pelvis (the arms and legs are not inclusive), as well as all muscles found in this area.  Transverse Abdominus, Pelvic Floor, and Multifidus muscles are the important core muscles located intrinsically, and they are the ones to be trained in the course of learning Pilates.

With the part of the body that Pilates is interested in, its prominence is high in both rehabilitation and fitness.  Individuals interested in progressing through movements that represent their daily activities will find Pilates very useful.  It is also a reliable means of alleviating and preventing joint, neck, and back pains, due to its ability to strengthen the core, while enhancing postural awareness.

Benefits of Pilates

Though the benefits of Pilates are unlimited, and we could go all day discussing that.  However, we have highlighted a few very important ones here;

Through Pilates movements, you will get to lengthen, lean, and strengthen your overall muscle tone, without creating any bulk.  This is because Pilates puts more focus on lengthening and strengthening of muscles, and thus offers more impressive results relative to other exercise forms.

Your flexibility and mobility will also be improved greatly, and you will lose weight healthily, all in the space of a short time.  When you learn to give your body the right alignment and posture, you will seamlessly stand taller, sit straighter, and your movement will be more coordinated and better balanced.

There will also be a considerable rise in your inner strength. Likewise, your body awareness will be in line with your personal needs.  With this form of rare enlightenment, you are in a better position to train yourself more efficiently and spend your time productively.

You can also relieve stress with Pilates. It is not exactly in the meditation form, but with Pilates, your mind and body will be in harmony and thus flush out all the external stresses with more time invested in the practice.

With Pilates, there is nothing like tiredness or disorientation.  After a Pilates session, you are guaranteed of a clearer and a more focused mindset, as well as elevated energy levels.  Ultimately, you feel stronger and in charge of your body, even after such a challenging workout.

Your body systems are also endowed with positive systemic effects, and your toxins and wastes are eliminated more seamlessly.  Your digestion system is also touched, and with its improvement, you witness an increased metabolic rate and a stronger immune system; Pilates practitioners hardly get sick.

Finally, other benefits of Pilates, but which is dependent on certain populations, include the improvement of the pelvic floor function, bone density, and the ability to maximize the lungs to achieve a better breathing system, among several others.